Geno at the Metallurg Magnitogorsk game on 8/28/2014 (◡‿◡)



That moment when you’re reading a fic and your OTP finally hooks up


That gif is literally perfect

I only need your name to call the reasons why I fought

make me choose - anonymous asked: robb stark or jon snow?

What should he fear? He was the Young Wolf, King of the Trident and the North.

GET TO KNOW ME MEME: 2/5 favorite movies » The Avengers

I mean, what are we, a t e a m? No, no, no. We’re a chemical mixture that makes chaos. We’re…we’re a time bomb.

Kevin? Davin. Gavin? No, Davin. No, Gavin. No, Davin with a ‘D’. No, Gavin with a ‘G’. Oh…okay?


Every time I close my eyes
It's like a dark paradise

Character traits → Gabriel